Monday, November 21, 2016

Ain't No Sense In All Your Crying - Michael Hutchence

But you tore a hole in space
Like a dark star, falls from grace
You burn across the sky
And I would find you wings to fly
And I would catch you
I would catch your fall

1997 was a rough year for celebrity ... Jeff Buckley, Princess Diana, and our shining star, Michael Hutchence. Almost twenty years on, we still awe at his wonder and talent. We're sad by his early and public demise. His daughter, Tigerlilly, has grown into a philanthropic young woman that he would be so proud of. The band, while still popular in memory, is struggling to have life after Hutch. He was more than the glue that kept the band together. He amplified the members of the band, bringing out their best with his charisma and charm. 

Much is being done to remember Michael properly, aside from tabloids and               docu-dramas. His fans want to learn about the man and musician. His family wants people to remember the man they loved. It is safe to say that Michael is still miss so very dearly and that his legend grows as the years pass.

November still 22nd hangs in my heart so heavy - the day Michael's smile faded into obscurity and his legend tarnished with the actions of his final years. But still, we grieve, we mourn, and we celebrate the caramel rock god of our adolescence.

It's been almost 20 years since INXS lost their magnetic north. INXS exists now only in our memories...and what glorious memories they are.

Fancy dinner parties, ballerinas on the Charles Bridge, red desert sunsets, beautiful blondes, brunettes, Mad Max underworlds, and motorcycles in Hong Kong painted the video world of INXS. Live Baby Live gave us the Michael we all know. He enthralled the 74,000 fans in attendance at Wembley, making us sway back and forth like high school lovers when we heard the first notes of Never Tear Us Apart and The Stairs. He was a musician, actor, son, brother, friend, and father. What he gave to us and to his fellow band mates are incredible memories cemented forever in some of the best times of our lives. 

Again I must thank my flatmates in Sydney for taking that very hot trek to see Michael's memorial. Who knew how many cemeteries there were in suburban Sydney. It was a nod to my past and the musical memories he gave me. I had to thank the man I crushed on for years. It was hard to think how quickly his bright star could quickly be diminished. And thank you Bono for the moment under the Brooklyn Bridge, hugging on November 22, 2004 in memory of your friend. 

In our hearts, he lives on as the charismatic lead singer. In our memories, he is the sad ending of a paparazzi nightmare. In our ears, his voice will be forever golden.  

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