Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Updated: Not Playing The Game Anymore - Sgt Abraham Ford

You remember the first time you saw him on the screen, flanked by Eugene and Rosita. Sgt. Abraham Ford is the first alpha male we saw enter the Ricktatorship in a long while when he appeared in season four's Inmates. Brash,  no nonsense, and poetic in few words, he is a damaged soul.

For those familiar with the comic, I want to see Abraham's character grow - revealed - but not necessarily follow the comic story line. He lives with honor in his blood, never mentioned, but scarred probably by war and again by the loss of his family.

Why am I not satisfied with the occasional flashback, meme-worthy saying of the week #MotherDick, #Shit, or my favorite #SonOfADick, Michael Cudlitz is worthy of a character with growth potential. Characters he has played in has past major roles all have one thing in common: integrity.
His portrayal of fictional LAPD Officer John Cooper in Southland, and real-life Sergeant Denver "Bull" Randleman on the World war II series, Band of Brother's, demonstrates Cudlitz's ability to have likable tough guys. Truth is, Cudlitz plays damaged but honorable heroes  extremely well well.

Michael's portrayal of Sgt. Abraham Ford has several times illustrated the damaged goods that Ford is - PTSD, flashbacks, and stubborn to the core. He is a leader the group needs, but someone who needs to be lead at times of stubbornness - and who doesn't love Rosita for her ability to focus him and know that It isn't really Abraham when he lashes out. There is a lot about Abraham that can make take his character to the next level. We saw a glimpse of that when Abraham when against the construction crew leader, Tobin, to leave when the site was over run by walkers. Seeing that Francine would be left behind, Abraham would have none of that. It was an episode that again showed, when tasked with a mission, Abraham is a natural leader.

 UPDATED October 23, 2016
Abraham's character has not disappointed and we were able to not only learn about the pride he carries around, we learned that he is a man of respect and integrity - who also loves his Cohiba Cigars. While the Rosita and Abraham story line was also nice, it was how that story arc showed that Abraham is not a man who settles. Parallel to his development, Sasha's story showed that two characters who are so different, really are so similar. He leaves Rosita for someone that calls him on his reckless behavior, shortly after he had called her out on her attitude. Abraham met his match. His awkward at first, drunken peace sign to Sasha, that became their cute nod to each other.

In the Season 6 finale, what should have been a sign of his upcoming fate, we hear the usually forthcoming Abraham allude to settling down and starting a family with Sasha. 

Sgt. Abraham Ford: You think we could do it?
Sasha Williams: What?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: What they did, Glenn and Maggie? Just asking if you could do that. If you're doing something as big as that... if that's living.
Sasha Williams: Could you?
Sgt. Abraham Ford: Yeah. I could. Now. Just so you know.

Negan is a smart man. Abraham would not be an easy one to train. An easy choice for Lucille. And a painful one for us. I admit, I thought when the bat went up in front of Abraham, he was posturing, I missed it. But then on a second time around, I noticed Sasha's reaction, and then saw the sign. My heart broke. But then Abraham did get his last words in. 

Thank you Abraham, for your service to the family. You will never be forgotten. 

The table is set for the rest of our lives, and I hope those years to be long and fruitful. ~ Abraham Ford

And since this is a music blog -- well, let's give this hero some heavy duty, hero worthy tunes and a little justice.