Sunday, August 28, 2016

If Daydreams Were Real: Tara Lynne

I met Tara courtesy of Jeff Buckley. Many of my friendships begin that way. She opened the 2014 Annyual NYC Tribute to Jeff, which is organized by Robert Urban and held at Arlene's Grocery in November. She opened the show and I knew I would be hearing more from her in the future. 

Gifted with about ten years of her talent, here is a bit of review for you about Tara's music. 

All Eyes to the Sky
Tara's voice is warm and welcoming - she brings the coffee shop atmosphere into your living room. The album opens with a great song concept - what if daydreams were real? The album hearkens the 90's for much of the album - think Common Threads. Some songs are robust and others are stripped down and bare.  But the album also gives us a taste of what else lies within Tara's musical appreciation. Songs like Relief show her lyrically humor. This album has soul, emotion, humor, and is at times poetic.

Dolly Trolly 
Tiny Love Pieces
Take Fleetwood Mac and the Lumineers and sprinkle in some Lisa Loeb and Dick Dale. The album is an amalgam of great artists who each donate their uniqueness to the album. It opens with heart and lots of rhythm. Mossy Mountain Hop is driving and not was I was anticipating. While I waited for Zeppelin - they delivered some Courtney Love meets Broadway and The Clash (trust me - it's awesome). Some Girls are Handsome surprised me with it's undertone of surf rockers, Dick Dale.  This album ends in a great, simple instrumental. If you can't make up your mind on what you want to listen to - Dolly Trolly will meet all your needs.

Tara Lynne Band
Time Lapse Orchids

A very unique and yet pure blend of sound welcomes you to this album.
Evident is a beep keeping beat (I felt like someone had an EKG on the beat).
The album is something familiar but completely new. The cover of Eyes Without a Face was so unique and it worked so very well -- who knew tambourines could take the place of keyboards! Whiskey Soaked Revelations needs a movie written around it. It is that good. Country mashed bluegrass and folk. Ends gloriously with Awake in a Dream. Harmony ablaze and each song has a different feel. Waiting for more from the Tara Lynne Band!!


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