Saturday, March 19, 2016

Post Pop Depression - Iggy Pop

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I feel like I’m closing up after this. That’s what I feel. It’s my gut instinct. Iggy Pop on Post Pop Depression - Beats1 Radio. 

Iggy's 17th album is stellar. The 68 year old collaborated with Queens of the Stone Age's Joshua Homme to bring a raw, sobering mix of Iggy's classic sound and his spoken word acceptance of his own hard life and mortality.

Post pop depression is masterfully aided by Queens of the Stone Age Joshua Homme, softening some of the edges and giving the listener corners to seek solace in. If this is Iggy's last album, it is his gift to us.

Break Into Your Heart 
It's Iggy of then and now. It's Nightclubbing and Iggy who just rejoined The Stooges on stage for a tour. It's Iggy whose seen the best and worst of people. He has a mission in mind - and it's to get through that snow-capped covered heart.

He's the sexy spoken word poet. Gardenia, the flower of the night.

American Valhalla
This is where Iggy's spoken word gift and thoughts of his mortality eek into the album. It's a reminder that this really could be Iggy's last album.  
Where is American Valhalla
Death is the pill that's hard to swallow
Is anybody in there?
And can I bring a friend?
I'm not the man with everything
I've nothing, but my name

In the Lobby
Oh Iggy, what is the metaphor for this lobby. This is a dual song, I feel. Maybe his time in Berlin with Bowie, or his time now, looking at the inevitable end. It's about following your past and looking to your future -- and in all begins in the lobby.
Great bass line, poetic lyrics, sly references ... Sunday when you don't have to move. 

Simple song with a complex theme - death. It's an amalgam of Morricone-esque showdown music, simple guitar riffs, and Iggy's singing / speaking. He's in showdown mode with mortality. 

German Days
This song can make you both sad and happy - when you wonder if it's looking back to his Berlin days with Bowie. Partying, extravagance, forgotten nights, painful nights, the closest friendship you may ever have ... Berlin and Christ.

Chocolate Drops
Iggy is the only one that can tell us that shirt turns into chocolate drops - and get away with it being a really great song. 
There is nothing in the stars if you fail to move
There is nothing in the dark, it's just some old excuse
Hanging on, let it go!  

It's angry Iggy on this one --angry spoken word Iggy whose pissed off at the world of corruption.