Monday, January 4, 2016

Everything About You Is So F*I*N*E Fine

26 years later and each word comes back like the first day this album debuted. While their tenth album, it catapulted them off their previous album, Permanent Vacation. Hits like Angel, Ragdoll, and Dude Looks Like a Lady had them on the pop charts. While no stranger to fame, it would be Permanent Vacation and Pump that made them video stars. 

I also look back and think If my parents only knew what I was listening to! This album is filled with sex, sex, some serious heavy shit, and a little more sex. It's classic Aerosmith filled with ballads, driving rhythm(pun intended if you like), and quick tempo songs with the addition of horns and some didgeridoos. From the first beats of Young Lust to the final notes of What it Takes, its classic toxic twins Aerosmith. 

Young Lust
The opening beats speed along until you're hit full speed with Joey Kramer's drums and Perry's signature guitar. Perfect intro anthem for this album.

You don't learn what this title stands for until you watch the documentary on the making of Pump. And it so fits the attitude of this album and of the band at this time in their career. 
I feel like I'm hung up on the line
I'd die for you but we were partners in the crime
Everything about you is so f-i-n-e- FINE
Let's put our clothes back on
and by the way girl
What's your name again?
 One night stands, with standards, and obsessing about a woman in particular, FINE kicks of an album that truly is F#%ked Up * Insecrure *Neruotic  *Emotional

Goin' Down / Love in an Elevator
How many of you still think of this song when you get into an elevator. Innuendo packed and one of Aerosmith's classic songs, Elevator lives up to Aerosmith sexy reputation.

Monkey on My Back
Bluesy and the only time you hear the title (PUMP) whispered once the drums start. A song about the monkey on Aerosmith's drug and alcohol addictions, this song has serious message. 
Water Song >Janie's Got a Gun 
The band really had some heavy material to deal with on this album. A song about a young woman who kills her abuser, who happens to be her father, again Aerosmith brings attention to pressing matters on this album.

Dulcimer Stomp>Other Side
How Shakespearean? Just what is "the other side" Steven?

My Girl
A rocking love song about Sadie and how awesome she is. 

Don't Get Mad Get Even
What do you do when your girlfriend with her skirt hiked up to here?? A great revenge song. So much blues influence on this song and reminiscent of their song St. John. Lyrically, this is blues poetry. A song that should have been a hit.
Roll the dice get lucky 'cause they roll you for the dime
you got nothin' else to lose if you only lose your mind
when pleasure that is shallow causes trouble to be deep
you've been dusted with the devil while he sweeps you off your feet

Hoodoo>Voodoo Medicine Man
A fun digeredoo filled New Orleans-ish song. 
What It Takes
The ultimate Aerosmith song of anger and lost love. He still loves this woman, but she's run off several times. The final song on Pump is the perfect closure to an emotional album. It's mellow, like the sadness of watching your love get away, and knowing that really this is Aerosmith's last great album ... ooops, that slipped.

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