Saturday, November 21, 2015

Eternally Wild With The Power

Michael Kelland John Hutchence January 22, 1960 - November 22, 1997

Many of us grew up listening to INXS. The songs are our youth. My first INXS memory came with listening to the cassette of The Swing. For about six months, I thought it was Dancing on Jelly. So I was like ten and we didn't have jetty's in western Pennsylvania. The sounds were new, fluid, and KICK is a soundtrack of many wonderful memories. When we hear those strings from Never Tear Us Apart, we are reminded of those nervous moments at school dances. Devil Inside was the song that meant fun was going to be had. And New Sensation was an anthem of experimentation. Moving along, X was the more mature anthem. Come on, who didn't get overwhelmed at By Your Side or relate to the symbolism in The Stairs.  

While we all love Kirk, Gary, Andrew, Jon, and Tim, it was Michael that lead the band with his charismatic persona, golden good looks, and sultry soft yet powerful voice. He was vulnerable and powerful. Our Michael was an enigma wrapped up in a devilish grin and tight pants. However, with our love and fandom of him also came our sadness for the troubles and trials we had to endure. His music made him a video star. And media killed our video star. Tabloid fodder brought down our shining star.

Each passing year, we reminisce and pay homage to Michael Kelland John Hutchence. In our memories he will always be the young, warm, energetic, soft spoken heart throb lead singer.In our hearts, he will always be our youth.

In Michael's words ... Love and Peace.

The nature of your tragedy
Is chained around your neck
Do you lead or are you lead
Are you sure that you don't care

There are reasons here to give your life
And follow in your way
The passion lives to keep your faith
Though all are different, all are great

Climbing as we fall
We dare to hold on to our fate
And steal away our destiny
To catch ourselves
With quiet grace

 PMCarlson 2000 Sydney

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