Sunday, August 30, 2015

Thinking About Yesterday's Blues: Richie Sambora Stranger In This Town

I'm sure that when people heard Richie Sambora was going to release a solo album, they were not expecting his 1991 blues-laden but still rocking release, Stranger in this Town. There are a few songs that really captures Richie's talent in both writing and blues playing. But, he cannot get away from the Bon Jovi sound on some songs.

Rest In Peace
The first sounds and words are haunting. A soulful, lusting prayer for a woman. This songs however, gives no hint of what's to come on the album.

Church Of Desire
The songs opens where the haunting Rest in Peace left off, but you soon get the soul and blues feel to this album. The lyrics are well written for this album. And what would a good blues, guitar album be without longing for a woman.

Now we dance with the devil down lonely
Street, lonely street

Looking for a window in the house of tears
Living in hell, I pray the rain disappears
I'm headed for a breakdown
And the fever runs higher
As I kneel at the altar I can feel your fire
In the church of desire
Church of desire

Stranger In This Town
A great blues song that really seems to come from the heart. This album should have been filled with songs like this. He's dealing with some type of conflict for sure in this song.

Ballad Of Youth
Simply a great song that deals with just going along with life. There is a lot of reflection in this album. It's nice to hear substance in a song.

One Light Burning
More of what I think people expected from this album. There is a lot of discovery in this song.

Mr. Bluesman

I still think having Clapton on this song is a but much, but good for Richie for being able to get him to play. Good song, but a but tongue in cheek. Also has a touch of country actually. Curious.

This is the rock and blues infused with some Jon Bon Jovi. You can hear it.

River Of Love
Blues, love, lust. This song is really reminiscent of the time, very late 80's early 90's. Think it would have been good on the Cocktail soundtrack had this album come out earlier.

Father Time
The only ballad-like but non-ballad song. Could have been more bluesy, Richie.

The Answer
This song clearly illustrates turmoil in Richie's life. It's a beautiful acoustic song of questioning, again reflection, and moving on.

And now my life is like a storm
Growing stronger every day
Like the unrelenting wind
That comes to blow our lives away
So I live each day like I know it's my last
If there is no future there must be no past

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