Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jeff Buckley ... Everyone's Lover

Jeff Buckley was best described the other night at the Annual New York City Tribute as everyone's lover. That statement could not be more true. Everyone at Arlene's had their "first time I heard Jeff" story, akin to comparing our first night to a sensous lover. Everyone knows where they were the first time they heard his angelic voice.

Jeff Buckley 1966-1997

What I loved about the event that Robert Urban puts together each year is that it isn't just a carbon copy of Grace...it's songs that Jeff performed and
loved. Starting off with Zeppelin's Kashmir and The Rain Song, the night continued with incredible artists such as Elijah Black, Tracy Stark, Randy Jones, Jason Morris, Tanya Holt, Marcus Simeone, and Gretchen Reinhagen. We heard Everybody Hear Wants You and Mojo Pin covered by Tara Lynne, some Dylan, some Billie Holiday, and Maya Solovey and guests performed gorgeous renditions of So Real, Lilac Wine, and Lover, You Should Have Come Over.  The biggest surprise was hearing Yard of Blonde Girls, covered beautifully by Mike Linkens. Hearing Hallelujah as a duet was simple something none of us had EVER thought of and it was nothing short of magical and Jeff would have loved it.

So another year goes by and more folks are discovering the wonder of Jeff that we have all known and loved for years. His mystery will always draw people to him, his famous father deepens the enigma, and we will always wonder what would have become of Jeff. I couldn't imagine where Jeff would have taken us if he had lived to be 48 ... guess that's why he'll remain our Mystery White Boy. Happy 48th Jeff.

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