Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Riase Your Hands to Rock

With great enjoyment and satisfaction I announce that a band actually decided to not only have a final tour BUT also agree to not ever tour under that name again. This makes me one happy music fan. I am sad to see one of my favorite metal bands come to that decision, but I would rather see Vince, Tommy, Nikki and Mick walk away from their dream on their own terms.
Even more than Guns N Roses, I do believe my new found enjoyment of the Dr. Feelgood album frightened my parents. Although I think my father was happy that I seemingly had moved on from glam metal and boys in makeup, they weren't sure if Mötley Crüe was a move in the right direction.
And like the obsessive music fan that I am, I had to buy all of their albums: Girls, Girls, Girls, Shout at the Devil, Too Fast for Love, and Theatre of Pain. And the songs that I fell in love with. Home Sweet Home was on the short list for song I played the most next to Every Rose Has It's Thorn at that time. I can understand the fear my family had. Their almost teenage daughter was listening to songs about death, living fast, sex, the devil and god knows what else. But I honestly was just at an angry almost teenage point in my life so I needed angry, question all authority music.
They'd already made quite the name for themselves by the 90's. Most thought they wouldn't survive to see another day, let alone make another album. Dr. Feelgood was the resurgence. They were back and stronger following many years of torturing their bodies and souls. I mean, how many times did Nikki Sixx die? You just can't keep doing that.
Most artists settle to tour into oblivion. I do believe that since the band had many iterations without Vince and Tommy (both due to sad circumstances) they realized that they wanted to finish as the family they started in 1981. I honestly think a final concert at the Whiskey would be ideal for a closure.
Whatever they decide, after thirty three years and nine albums, it's time. It is time for these men to walk away from the office and shut the door for the last time. Respect the legacy you leave for your fans and be proud that your survived some really stupid things. But, you've now actually grown into men that realize how fortunate you are. Best wishes on your final tour and looking forward to a memorable last round with one of the world's most notorious rock and roll bands. Thank you Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, and Mick Mars.

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