Saturday, August 3, 2013


Dan Avery at the 5th Avenue Street Festival

My only true want in life was to always live somewhere where I could have access to music. Not just record stores but live music - large venues, small venues, backyards and barrooms.

I am blessed to live in the neighborhood of music: Bay Ridge Brooklyn. From Kitty Kiernan's to the Kettle Black all the way down to the Irish Haven, you can hear musicians singing their dreams into the streets at all hours of the day.

Below are some local artists to check out (and in truth many have become friends and I am blessed to know such talented folk). I have included their website / facebook info.
Let's start with John Rafferty, Brooklyn's story teller. His latest album, Lucky, is simply perfect. Done in mere days, this album captures a the ups and downs of life. And let me tell, you , he loves this album and he should be proud of it. Many artists strive to capture what came to him naturally.

You can find all of his dates on facebook... he seems to be fond of the rockaways in the summer;)                  

Next up is Xavier Cadriche. A swimmer, Irish lover and singer rolled into one -- come on what is not to lose? Xavier plays all around the Ridge and has been doing some gigs at the LIC Bar as well. I have to say what impresses me the most about Xavier is that you can tell he loves music - he knows music! You wont be disappointed if you make the trek out to see him

What can I say about Dan Avery? On a Sunday in Bay Ridge after lingering to the end of the 5th Avenue Street Festival, the about mentioned John Rafferty said "we gotta go see this kid." And John, you were so right!

He played acoustic from all generations and then his own material. The talent glowed around this this kid (kid I say). There is hope, America, these young ones remember the classics. When he played Simon and Garfunkel's The Boxer, I was completely sold. He was so good that, in fact, we told Mr. Rafferty himself this kid was going to put him out of business.
Dan, I know you're from Jersey, but you have been playing a lot here in the Ridge (Kelly's and the Monk)so consider yourself a Bay Ridge artist.!/freedanavery

Now, these aren't the only Bay Ridge artists, there are so many more. Some don't play as much as we'd like, but they are still Bay Ridge's best - folks like Andrew Gerardi or Pill Hill Radio. If you see them on a playbill outside your local haunt (which I believe Andrew is playing out in the Hamptons at the Boardy Barn September 9th)

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