Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fool in the Rain

I was so pumped to go for a nice run over the Brooklyn Bridge this morning. Saw the clouds in the distance but figured I could dodge it. I listened to some of my new tunes I loaded onto the Shuffle: some INXS, Depeche Mode, Pantera (not a typo). I kissed my sleeping Love a wonderful day. I even picked up the neighbor's Times and put it by his door on the way out. Raindrops--plop plop. Heavier and heavier- almost like Riders on the Storm rain. Sigh-I usually don't mind running in the rain but when it entails keeping soaking wet clothes and shoes at work all day, I quickly admitted defeat.

I didn't let this stop me though. I did some ab work, weights and even updated my to do list (and found every excuse to have some Nutella). I changed, made sure the iTouch had some juice, again kissed my  snoozing Love a good day and walked to Starbucks. Upon receiving my iced quad espresso -the sky opened and rain fell heavy-like a Braveheart rain-sideways and even up from the ground. I could do it. It wasn't a far walk to the train and I had an umbrella. I was just happy I wasn't on the bridge in this rain. Whew-nice save. But then it became the rain like in Forrest Gump -- remember when he was in Vietnam?

Fast forward ten minutes: Didn't you leave like two times already? Soaked-shoes, pants, bag, wallet, everything but the iTouch (thank you very much) was soaked through. Ok - regroup. New clothes, wet ones hanging. I will simply use my hairdryer to dry some things. Until it too decided to stick its middle finger up at me and quietly whimper and quit.


I felt like sitting at home and listening to Sarah McLachlan (not) maybe a little angrier like Slayer. I dried everything off, re-dressed - this time a la Jimmy Buffett complete with some flip flops.

Again- I kissed that lucky guy again who was sleeping though all of this silly nonsense. I don't know what the plan was - to save me from some demise, a crazy person or to just allow me to spend some more time with the hubby.

So instead of being angry I am thankful that I   got to spend extra time at home, listen to some Robert Plant and even get  a new hairdryer out of the deal. I crossed many things off my old to do list as well -- and yes, added a whole bunch more.

I sit here on the subway listening to some Apophenia and Jeff Buckley and look at the unhappy faces (looks like they listened to Sarah McLachlan today - just kidding people, lighten up). I am completely happy to know that this was not the end of the world -- especially when I look at others in my life right now (prayers to you all for healing, safety, enough ammunition and a healthy newborn). Let the sun shine in people -- even if you are the fool in the rain.