Monday, October 18, 2010

Nobody Told Me There'd Be Days Like These

The last two months have been crazy - busy crazy, stressful crazy, at sometimes, good crazy. Music hasn't been as much of a part of my daily routine as it should have. I have always said that music gets me through things. But what do you do when you are so tired that when you put the music on, you fall asleep before the first jam?
Let me fill you in. The first weeks of September were indeed trying. My firefighter husband was burned at work and subsequently needed a skin graft. Between the long hours at work and making sure I spent the rest of my free time with him at the hospital, I was more interested in sleep and making sure that he was comfortable (and an occaisional Jack and Diet Coke).

I did have one day of music I guess, on September 13th. I was able to see Robert Plant and Band of Joy perform on the Jimmy Fallon Show. It was a treat to see him interviewed and an unforgettable experience to see him perform in such a small venue. 

In this same time period, New York City was visited by two tornadoes - which created long hours at work. This was balanced with a healing husband, preparing for an exercise at work in six parts, a firehouse dinner dance and the Tunnel to Towers Run.
Seriously folks, I was tired. My iPod was neglected.

I must thank my husband who has the patience of a saint with my crazy work schedule of the last two months. I apologize that I haven't been home as much as I would like to have been. It meant so much to have you cheer me on as I ran out of the Tunnel on September 26th. Life will get back to normal - I swear, and it will back to the normal crazy that we  are used to.

To my wonderful girlfriends, thank you for the much needed weekend away. Music re-entered my life - so did sleep, laughs, and beer. There is nothing like telling stories next to a campfire, sitting under the Vermont stars, gossiping at the kitchen counter, or freezing your flip flopped toes off in a ski lift.

Things are slowly getting back to that crazy normal. I am so excited to see Jimmie Vaughan this Thursday.Yes, Stevie Ray's brother, guitarist from the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Friday may be My Morning Jacket performing the album Z, maybe Dave and possibly some Roger Waters at the Garden (and if Billy had his way, Phish at Toad's Place - yeah, we all wish).

Tonight, on the way home, I bopped to Franz Ferdinand, cranked Stevie's solo in Life Without You, and wanted to polka the Transcontinental Hustle when Gogol Bordello came on the iPod. 

The stories shall commence again loyal followers. Prepare to hear all about getting kicked in the head during Pantera, listening to David Gray in Belfast as helicopters hovered overhead and how John Lennon made me come to New York City.  I am back...

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