Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rebel Rebel: Dana Distortion Yavin Unplugged

Just who the f*#k is Dana (distortion) Yavin? Only the hottest music photographer who is opening up a store with clothes and accessories based on her photos and love of ... music. (And I think she has one of the most awesome jobs in the world).

While I use words to tell you about shows or thoughts on albums, she uses her eyes and her love of music to capture gorgeous photos some of you may have seen in Brooklyn Vegan, Spin, NME, or Rolling Stone. Gogol Bordello, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Baby Metal to name a very few of those fortunate enough to be in front of her lens. You see and feel the music in her photos.
She has a passion for all things rock and now she is making rock inspired fashion. You can look at, listen to, and now wear rock. 

Stop by her pop-up store, Distortion Unplugged, this Saturday in the East Village. Check out some clothes and totes before you can get them online.  Go to  to see some of glam wear that you can sport to your next concert.                                                                                                 \m/\m/

To uncover rules of life
And how to break them well
And the key to my gypsy auto pilot
And my story to tell, hey! 
Gypsy Auto Pilot ~ Gogol Bordello 

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