Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Flying Coach At the Speed of Sound Festival

I love airports. I love music. A music festival at an airport = heaven!

Totally on a whim on the way back from seeing Keller Williams at Levon Helm's Studios, our car found its way to the Dutchess County Airport when we heard about this festival. 

A one day amazing festival, with great musicians, at an airport!! 
  • Tickets were inexpensive (coach or VIP options)
  • No line for the bathrooms
  • Reusable aluminum souvenir cups to cut down on waste
  • Great local food
  • Lines got longer during the day (like an hour) but hey - you're still new so we forgive you

Fiction of the Future opened the second year with their very eclectic sound. It got the crowd moving and grooving in the early afternoon sun.

Nicole Atkins
Bonnaroo 2008 was the first time I heard this Jersey girl. She just keeps getting better. Decked out in her white flowing dress, Nicole treated the audience to some of new songs and we even got that cover of The Doors Crystal Ship from her Digs Other People's Songs album. And she's got new music coming out and you can help make it all happen and get some awesome thank you gifts too! http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/nicole-atkins-new-album
Swear and Shake
This Nashville-based indie band had everything you want in a band if you like The Lumineers, The Avett Brother, The Felice Brothers ... you get my point. They are sing songy and kept the crowd moving and grooving in the hot hot sun.

Rayland Baxter
It was during this Nashville artist's set that I had the sun and cider induced dream about me sleeping my way through the entire show. When I awoke (in my dream) everyone had left and one light lit the stage. A radio was left on as well. I also had a glass of wine so sitting in the airfield all alone didn't seem so bad after all. Then in real-life, Rayland invited Simone Felice on stage and I realized I was near dehydration as my hat blew off in the breeze and the sun was beating down on me. 

Simone Felice
Six years removed from The Felice Brothers, Simone has found his way musically and in the written word. Highlight - The Weight. Hard to top that moment. 

The Lumineers
After selling out in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, how could you miss the opportunity to see The Lumineers? They never disappoint and always deliver a larger than life sound. This Colorado band brought young and old to their feet. After playing some of the signature songs like Ho Hey, Dead Sea, and Ophelia of their newest album, the trio took to the audience to play some Dylan to the crowd.

Highly recommend this wonderful little music festival. I hope it remains small yet powerful in its gathering of musicians. Hope to see you next year, Speed of Sound! 

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