Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nothing Left To Do But Smile Smile Smile

Counting stars by candlelight, all are dim but one is bright ~ Terrapin Station The Grateful Dead

Twenty-two years ago, before I entered the Dead Head world, I remember my friends holding vigil for Jerry Garcia. August 9th is the day Jerry left this world.

I get it now.

Once I became a fan I understood the love of Jerry Garcia. He brought happiness to so many by singing songs that brought joy, conveyed feelings that so many of us felt but didn't know how to say, and taught us how to live and love in the moment.

Something was lost that day years ago, but something has been passed along. Jerry left us with one lesson and that is to keep the love going through music.

Even if you are not a Dead Head, I hope you can understand. I hope you can live in that moment for one second.

There is nothing like singing your soul out, under the stars, to your favorite Grateful Dead song, or version of that song. Singing it and understanding what he meant when he wrote it or remembering a time when you heard that song.

I will never hear Morning Dew the same way again - it will brings me back to sitting next to Rob E on Dino's drum riser, back to my better half asking me to marry him.

Or Touch of Grey, I will always remember those snow angels in a parking lot in Burlington, VT.

And my last memory of Scott, listening to Stella Blue.

Thank You Jerry! We are still spreading your message and we are still counting stars by candlelight.

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