Saturday, April 11, 2015

I Got Eyes on You

When I first heard this Indiana band, I was relieved to hear an old, familiar, rockabilly, 50's sound. When I found their 2015 release, Little Neon Limelight, I was even more relieved to hear that their sound was more than what their current hit, Sedona, offered.
Their uniquely classic sound is made up by band members Matt Meyers on guitar, Zak Appleby on bass, Katie Topin on vocals and keyboards, and drummer Shane Cody. This band that has one LP from 2012 Houndmouth and 2013's freshman release From the Hills Below the City, is finding itself in high demand and constant rotation.  Their songs are thoughtful, clever, and brilliant.  
Let's take a look at Little Neon Limelight

Sedona was the first song I had heard from the band. It has that 50's guitar echo and at the end of the song, I am expecting to hear a Supreme's surprise guest appearance. It's reference is to Sedona Arizona's hey day as a mini-Hollywood.

Otis is the first solo by Katie on the album. It's a song you'd expect from The Band (a comparison many have made to the band in general). Their Indiana roots can be heard in this semi-country ballad

15 Years, has that funky 50's 60's rock sound with a modern studio sound. It also offers up bassist Zak Appleby on vocals. It slows and speeds with organ and guitar solos.

For No One is mellow and haunting, especially with the very distant sounds in the background and almost stream of conscience lyrics:
All the notables in their spine wives
Three hipsters, two merchants, and Kon-Tiki.
They saw the black down off in the midnight skies.
Man, you should've seen 'em they were so down in the dumps that evening.

Old man and the sea,
Doin what you were born to.
Shrapnel in my knee,
I can't walk and I don't care to.

I'd do it all for you,
but I do it for no one.
I'd sing a song for you,
but I sing for no one.

Matt Meyers has a Simon Felice sound to him on this song, that has been compared to a Dylan tune. What's it about? Acid, shrapnel in your knee, being a singer ...

Black Gold If this whole album sounded like this, song, I would be disinterested. It's good, but not unique like the rest. 

Honey Slider reminds me of a song that I cannot identify, but will, don't worry. Don't let its slow pace deceive you, it's filled with heartbreak and soul. Again, their harmony is perfection.

My Cousin Greg is something I could hear Jerry Reed sing. It's an anthem to a good life and a crazy cousin.
If you wanna live the good life, you better stay away from the limelight.

Gasoline is one of my favorites on the album.
Katie owns this song about relationships and not settling.

By God is a full song of hopelessness - this guys doesn't seem to have much go right for him.

Say It is full of energy and more soul and is a true pleading begging song - asking a woman to lower her standards for the man. It's got a church feel to it - Say it like you mean it!!!

Darlin’ is like the cool down after a long run. It's bluesy, 70's Van Morrison, and a lyrical gift.
Houndmouth is unique. They capture an old soul sound of Dylan, Van Morrison, and The Band but still remain a band of their own identity. I look forward to hearing them live and seeing what they offer us in the future.

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