Saturday, January 24, 2015

Aussie Aussie Aussie

On January 26th, Australians celebrates Australia Day. While, wrought with controversy, slowly the relationship between the Aborigines and Australians is beginning to mend - but this will still take a while.

The Aussies are a very proud people. Maybe it is because they live so very, very far away and have to depend on their closest friends, their mates, "mateship" is like nothing you have ever experienced. They enjoy holiday, fun, and sports. So how can you pay tribute this weekend to the Land Down Unda? Listen to some great Australian music or watch some excellent Aussie films, like The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert ...

or Muriel's Wedding. And no Abba is not from Australia even though you may get that impression.

One of my favorites to turn up to 11 when I'm feeling 70's nostalgic, the Little River Band.

The brothers in this next band might be from Scotland, but they are Aussie all the way. Nothing says rock and roll more than AC/DC.
The movie Maximum Overdrive introduced me to them.
Let's not forget our disco roots that came from ...England. But, the Bee Gees were born out of the Brisbane area. The Bee Gees first tried the rock and roll sound of the Beatles, with songs like New York Mining Disaster but turned heads when those disco beats got us grooving.

She was a ray of sunshine and innocence to our youth, that was before Michael Hutchence made her the ravishing vixen she is today. Kylie Minogue was known to the rest of the world through her acting in the famous soap Neighbors. But we didn't know her until Locomotion.  She's maintained a place on the charts with her albums, prides her self on charity work and is a breast cancer survivor.

You cannot mistake Colin Hay's voice. First famous for their Aussie anthem, Land Down Under, Men at Work is still one of Australia's greatest exports. While their other hits didn't get as much air time, nothing says Australia more than Men at Work.

You will remember them for their "one hit" Beds are Burning, but Midnight Oil was more than just that one 80's song. Peter Garret and the band have also been active in Australian government, activists for the environment and culture, fundraisers for those in need in Australia.

Sia is one of the music scene's rising stars, and she's been playing since 1995. Here is her covering another famous Australia band's song, The Church and Under the Milky Way.

I wanted so badly to be Natalie Imbruglia - her hair, her fashion - her voice. She was known mainly for her chart topping song, Torn, but Imbruglia began on that same soap as Aussie songbird Kylie, Neighbors. Natalie is ready to record her fifth studio album.

Vance Joy is one of my favorite artists from 2014...this former footballer and graduate of law school found his niche in songwriting. I think we'll be seeing him around for the next few years. And I hope so because his videos are incredible as well!

She's Kylie's little sister and was on Home and Away instead of Neighbors.Dannii Minogue is not as well known as her sister, Dannii has made a resurgence of late as a music show judge.

There are so many more artists to check out on this Australia Day weekend: The Radiators, Olivia Newton John, Rick Springfield, Iggy Azalea, John Butler Trio, Air Supply, and The Church - not to mention Bardot or real one hit wonder, Madison Avenue. But no, my list is not over.

No, I did not forget, I was simply leaving my favorite for last: INXS. They ARE Australia. INXS became the soundtrack of the late 80's and early 90's. Their songs were vibrant, videos flashy, and their lead singer was as hot as the Outback in the middle of summer.

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