Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Woman Crush Wednesday - The Musical Edition

 Welcome to Woman Crush Wednesday - The Musical Edition. Not only is this a groups of phenomenal looking women - hands down, they are the most hardworking, talented women you probably wouldn't want to mess with and they all inspire me.

From about 1984-1993, she was the one I followed, the one I ordered Vogue Magazine for, and the one I followed in haircuts and fashion.Madonna has been a driving force for not just fashion but for the embodiment of what a strong woman should be. Ever changing, no apologies, she remains one of my top inspirations. 

Since 1975, that soulful voice has been serenading us from her start in Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks is rock and roll. Her sultry looks, those clothes, and her mysterious mystical ways. That and it seems that I am the only person other than Stevie that truly loves Lindsey Buckingham.

What can I say about this next woman, except that I drunk tweeted her - and do so without shame. Truth is, I love this Jersey girl. When I first saw her before The Felice Brothers at Bonnaroo in 2008, I knew this chica was going to be famous.

Her style has blossomed, especially since she broke away from those big corporate record labels and created her own. Like the Jersey Shore, Atkins rebuilt from her previous ventures and created the Oh Mercy! label. Her latest, Slow Phaser, is unique and truly a testament to this talented musician's staying power and commitment to the craft she loves.

I remember when Grace Potter  was ... well...just so cute. She was hippie chic and folky. Then, she caught the fashion bug and blossomed artistically.

I didn't get a chance to see Grace live until the Love for Levon concert in New Jersey, and it was nothing short of religious. Her voice is a buffered version of Janis but still all Vermont folk in her own right. She sings with passion and she plays in the moment.

And to round out this lovely list of ladies, Dana Fuchs. I first heard about Dana after a friend became enamored by her. I had to check this lady out. And when I did, I heard that soul come deep from within as she belted out her own emotional tunes, and some familiar covers.

PCarlson 2012

You might also recognize her as Sexy Sadie in from the 2007 film, Across the Universe.

So there you have it ... five wonderfully talented women in no particular order.(And this picture for no particular reason except for Sally Field).

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