Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hi, I stumbled upon your music blog ...

Hi, I stumbled upon your music blog and I liked the Gogol Bordello article. I'm in Gypsy Punk band from UK called Buffo's Wake ~ Nathan

Close your eyes.
Imagine you are the central character in an Edgar Allan Poe story. Now, add some accordions, a carnival,  a Gypsy Punk soundtrack, and have Tim Burton direct it all. Welcome to Buffo's Wake. The are a self-described Brighton based, gypsy punk band of lunatics with a penchant for the macabre and the theatrical. This statement is indeed true.

I was honored to have someone like a blog post enough to reach out to me -- and not just reach out to me, but reach out to me from Brighton UK! Preview their album Carniphobia on Soundcloud. It's definitely not an album to relax to. It's filled with fast paced lyrics, full bodied sounds of drums, horns, violins, accordions, vocals, haunting imagery, whispering voices, and a mix of genres that David Lynch would be proud of.

Die Die Die
Upbeat. Like a schizophrenic polka on Red Bull while watching the Godfather. Trust me, its good. It gets you in the right frame of mind for this carnival. Contrary to the title, this isn't a cover of an Iron Maiden song.

This song sounds like what a good chase scene looks like. Second, Merrick is my favorite Anne Rice character so I was immediately intrigued. Towards the end of the song, it sounds like a merry-go-round gone drunkenly awry - I love it!

Trust In Me
Well the creepy voice works very well. It's like Mike Patton of Faith No More Creepy. Like, the person that's under your bed waiting for your hand to fall outside of the safe zone of the mattress, scary. It's very Balkan-Gypsy with it's violin.

Dead Mans Maggot
You have to give this band credit for their tight lyrics -  gypsy poetry.

Drunk Girls
True- drunk girls are poison. This
Drunk boys are so poisonous we're so immature / insecure.

Dance of the Clowns
What's a circus without clowns? And more merry-go-round music?

Sold to the Circus
One of my favorites on the album. It's full of sounds - from the Eastern European, sad, Devotchka-esque violin to operatic, dramatic piano banging.  

Two Legged Gaunt Freak
There is a band from the Village called Hazmat Modine. This song reminds me of them - but with a ragtime, gypsy feel. Seriously, this could be used in a Tim Burton film. Sounds all happy and peppy, but I had an odd desire to tie things up when I listened to this song.

My skeleton gets uncomfortable in my skin too sometimes. I love the breakaway to a 90's sound in the middle of this song. It's like when the skeleton is freed, it becomes the band Travis.

Traditional Russian folk song about a peddler (a korobeiniki) and  a girl. This song is also the basis for the song from Tetris.

Oh Your Mother
Reminding us that even we can make our mother's ashamed of ourselves. My favorite line from this song:  Your body's a casket for a soul misplaced.

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