Saturday, August 30, 2014

My September Soundtrack

 Summer in New York City in 2002 was still a lost time. I was still living blocks from the pit that was once the sprawling World Trade Center. I slept with constant light into my window from the diminishing piles that once towered over Church Street. We were still numb beyond hurt.

That hot summer, I turned to Bruce Springsteen and wondered what he could offer. The Rising has since been my album of therapy. It is my reminder of so many things: that I cannot look at a crisp, azure September sky and not think about that day; that soon not many will remember what life was like before Tuesday, September 11th; it reminds me of loneliness in the months before I met my fated husband; and it reminds me of smiles we will never see greet us again.

Many songs on the album directly relate to our feelings, our heroes, our losses and confusion after 9/11. Things that people wanted to say, but didn't know how. Whatever your feelings of Bruce Springsteen may be, this album was from the heart and for us.

And while the world is as scary as ever, let us remember how we pulled together on those terrifying days. Don't forget the sacrifices so many have made since that day - in the name of our freedom and our security.

Lord, take me where you want me to go, let me meet who you want me to meet, tell me what you want me to say, and keep me out of your way
~Father Mychal Judge, FDNY Chaplain

Lonesome Day
Hell's brewin' dark sun's on the rise
This storm'll blow through by and by
House is on fire, Viper's in the grass
A little revenge and this too shall pass
This too shall pass, I'm gonna pray
Right now all I got's this lonesome day
Into the Fire 
I need your kiss, but love and duty called you someplace higher
Somewhere up the stairs into the fire
Waitin' on a Sunny Day
It's rainin' but there ain't a cloud in the sky
Musta been a tear from your eye
Everything'll be okay

Nothing Man
I don't remember how I felt
I never thought I'd live
To read about myself
In my hometown paper
How my brave young life
Was forever changed
In a misty cloud of pink vapor

Countin' on a Miracle
I'm runnin' through the forest
With this wolf at my heels
My king is lost at midnight
When the tower bells peal
We've got no fairytale ending
In God's hands our fate is complete
Your heaven's here in my heart
Our love's this dust beneath my feet

Empty Sky
I woke up this morning
I could barely breathe
Just an empty impression
In the bed where you used to be
I want a kiss from your lips
I want an eye for an eye
I woke up this morning to the empty sky

You're Missing 
God's drifting in heaven, devil's in the mailbox
I got dust on my shoes, nothing but teardrops 

The Rising 
Can't see nothin' in front of me
Can't see nothin' coming up behind
I make my way through this darkness
I can't feel nothing but this chain that binds me
Lost track of how far I've gone
How far I've gone, how high I've climbed

On my back's a sixty pound stone
On my shoulder a half mile line

Come on up for the rising
Com on up, lay your hands in mine
Come on up for the rising
Come on up for the rising tonight

Left the house this morning
Bells ringing filled the air
Wearin' the cross of my calling
On wheels of fire I come rollin' down here

But there is one more that reminds me of healing ... and remembering. Thank you U2


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