Sunday, October 7, 2012

Antics in NYC

You remember that one song that just sticks with you -- you hear it once and then you can't shake it. Usually - one hit wonders - right? I immediately fell in love with Adam Ant when I heard Goody Two Shoes. Similar to artists in the past - I waited patiently to go to the mall and pick up whatever music he had (yes, on cassette). I came home with Strip, Friend or Foe and Vive le Rock.

Incredibly, every song I heard was magic. Being a trumpet player, I loved his use of horns in Desperate But Not Serious and A Place in the Country. I love the play on  songs like Strip and PussNBoots. He had a neo punk new wave sound. I had been through my Ramones, Clash and TRex phase and this combined the two and added some brass and sarcasm. Quick, witty, well written songs. In love with Adam Ant.

THEN -- on my favorite show (still) to this day -- Northern Exposure. He played a self loving rock star who visited Cicely. He was supposed to end up in Italy but wound up with the lovely Alaskan locals instead. With a rockin' case of carpal tunnel he helped Ed make a video, assisted in the commitment of strong loved between Shelly and Holling, and stumbled over the meaning of life with Chris Stevens.

Years went by and I never thought I would see Adam live.
But -- after a re-scheduled February show, October 6th at the Best Buy Theatre (yes, the same theatre I said "Yes" in )

The awesome Brothers of Brazil opened for him. I never thought I would hear a punkish version of Imagine and like it -- but I did. I loved their Amy Winehouse tribute with the song Papparazzi. And I would be remis if I did not say I loved the drummer's skirt / kilt.

Finally - the time arrived and Adam entered the stage and sang with his back to us for what seemed like an eternity (it was about 30 seconds). Then -- the reveal.

It was him. But how would he sound? The answer: absolutely rocking incredible. All those popish songs that most thought they would hear were rediscovered punkish vibe songs. The bass was turned up, his vocals were amazing and he sang -- 20 songs without taking as much as a 30 second break. The real die hard fans (me me me) strolled to the front as to not bother those who did not know the words to every song. We belted out all the tunes and danced up a storm. My surprise was Kings of the Wild Frontier and Lady. Would have loved to have heard Friend or For but hey -- I ain't complaining. Yes -- Goody Two Shoes, I lost my voice singing - actually screaming. Full circle -- heard it, found it, loved it, seeing it.

In the end - there is something I need to remember or fans need to learn. Adam is an advocate for those with mental health issues. He's been through hell with his bipolar diagnosis and turns out (like many of us for whatever the reason) music is his therapy.

I cannot wait for his new album to drop -- we heard one song last night and he's still got it and I cannot wait to see more! Vive le Rock Adam Ant!!

Set list from October 6, 2012 - Best Buy Theatre
Plastic Surgery
Dog Eat Dog
Beat My Guest
Ants Invasion
Deutscher Girls
Stand and Deliver
Room at the Top
Kings of the Wild Frontier
Whip in My Valise
Vince Taylor
Desperate but Not Serious
Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)
Goody Two Shoes
Vive Le Rock
Christian D'or
Lady/Fall In

Fat Fun
Red Scab
Get It On(T. Rex cover)
Prince Charming
Physical (You're So)

A few songs from Adam Ant live at Best Buy October 6, 2012. Turn the volume down on these -- I was close so my speakers went wild!!
Ant Music

Desperate But Not Serious

Get It On

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