Friday, November 14, 2014

Name Five Songs You Couldn't Live Without

Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue is one of my new writing  inspirations. I don't know if you have checked him out lately, but he is constantly challenging his fans - asking questions, opinions, and sending teasers and quizzes. This question stumped me: Name five songs you couldn't live without.


Being a person with over 10,000 songs on their iPod alone I turned the question into: you can only chose five songs to listen to for the rest of your life - what would they be and why?

Instead of songs first, my mind went to bands. which five bands/singers could I not live without. Easy:

Led Zeppelin      U2      Jeff Buckley      Beatles      Stevie Ray Vaughan

Yes there are runner-ups and I could have cheated to say Band Aid is my fave band and cover Bono, Sting, Boy George, Phil Collins, Duran, George Michael -- you get the point.

Okay- from the top:

Led Zeppelin. Many would immediately say Stairway to Heaven and so do I - but why?  The song has so much to offer. You have the acoustic beginning, slow, inviting, romantic. you feel as if you are walking up the stairs of a castle staircase lit by giant wall sconces. then jimmy page turns on the amp. The song begins to come alive and plant begins singing about hedgerows and pipers and queens. plant truly was a lord of the rings nerd -- and I love it. But wait. Page seduces us with the amazing solo building building building until .... the golden god puts us over the top, pushing the limit until we can't take it any more. The song, breathlessly quiets again, whispering in our ear. My close second, is The Rain Song ... a song with ups and downs but minus the hobbits, rings and hedgerows. Here is a great cover of the song by Heart

Moving along: U2. Okay this was tough since U2 has so many different vibes. I am a fan of all u2 but more so old U2. the pure, oft cold notes of the early Edge are my favorite. Yes, I am a fan of mullet bono. I am torn on this one. I love the sultry smooth, bass laden Love Comes Tumbling (the love song i prefer in my screen play if i ever finish it) but think those notes of I Threw a Brick Through a Window captures the real and young U2. It captures the angry, young frustrated at the world U2. Edge's solo in this song is different than many but is still signature edge. this band had no idea what was in front of them at this point.

Oh next - Jeff Buckley. Who can ever forget where they heard his angelic voice for the first time? If he would have lived, he would have shown us a thing or two about how music should be. I reserve this spot for that song -- the song we never heard from Jeff. I would hope it would be performed with Joan Wasser and Robert Plant.

Beatles:  Pop, psychedelic, groundbreaking, trippy. I hesitate to pick my real faves since they are all really John or George songs (Across the Universe or Something) so I will go with A Day in the Life. This song is filled with so many references of the time, from the crashing of Tara Browne's car to Timothy Leary. The middle piece by McCartney somehow oddly fits in - but so out of place and happy go lucky about everyday life....woke up.

And Stevie Ray: I still chase your ghost. I will never not go see someone play and yes I have my list. a gifted guitarist lost in his prime. he put so much of himself in his music - he lived every chord, every note. there are the standard Pride and Joy or House is Rockin, but Life Without You is the one that gets me. his guitar truly sings in the solo - his emotions evident every time he played this song. 

So this is my list - not shocking but missing many musicians I love and songs I cannot fathom every not knowing.

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  1. paula it's great to see your amazing taste in music remains constant... it was hard... but i think this is my list of five...

    -time in a bottle-jim croce
    -in a little while-u2
    -suite for solo cello no. 1 in g maj prelude-yo yo mo
    -i just wanna make love to you-muddy waters
    -someone to watch over me-sarah vaughan