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You know, people can't fall in love with me just because I'm good at what I do ~ Robert Plant

We have all been there - admit it. You have had the crush. I have had several - ok, still have several. Robert Plant, Bono, Eric Clapton,James Hetfield, and Nikki Sixx.

I don't know what it is about rock stars. Ok, I lied, I do. They are sexy hot. I also admit, that my version of sexy hot rock stars does not fit everyone else's. We each have our own check list, I am sure.
  • You either are or are destined to become a rock icon
  • You have been through hell and back and possibly made a return trip a couple of times
  • You can have strong political convictions
  • Accents are best
  • Tattoos are welcomed
  • Hair - long locks are good but not required
  • You continue to put out music because you enjoy it

I guess the crush starts when you first hear the voice. Listen to a good live Since I've Been Lovin' You and you get all sides of Robert Plant. You get the blues, you get the golden god's vocal crescendos and, if you're watching, you see him feel the song. I should add that to the list - crushes must feel the song they are singing.

 (note, this video contains a number of items from the above checklist: icon, hair, accent). 

A great example of the emotion being worn on one's sleeve is definitely Bono.Bono, from inception, I think has been overtly
emotionally tied to his songs. U2 songs are not just poppy love ballads and kitschy tunes, they (most of the time) have some deep political, social, and/or religious meaning. (Dr. Wrabley at Pitt Johnstown knows that I know this - he received too many papers from me on them). In Rattle and Hum, U2 performed Sunday, Bloody Sunday. But this performance came on the heels of a bombing (that could have been stopped by the British Army) that killed numbers of veterans in a war memorial ceremony. Bono's emotion is raw.  Whether singing about the United States occupation in Central America, the plight of millions in Africa, or lamenting civil rights activists - he was genuine. And U2 still continues to put on tours and make albums and stay true to their original concept - making music that educates as well as entertains. Bono - well, maybe it was the hair, it was definitely the accent, but what girl can resist a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve? (Back to checklist - rock icon, strong political conviction, accent, had long hair at one time, still enjoys making music).

You're probably asking yourself - Eric Clapton? Yes, Eric Clapton. Read his biography - you'll love him even more - you'll want to give him a great big hug. This man has
been through hell - and won. His love life should make anyone thankful for their own. I don't know how he can still sing Layla, I couldn't fathom knowing Sweet Home Chicago was the last song he ever played with Stevie Ray, and am thankful that he doesn't have to sing Tears in Heaven anymore. His relationship with George Harrison still fascinates me. Look at the bands he has been in: Yardbirds, Cream, Blindfaith, Derek and the Dominos.I finally saw him play in June of 2009. It was amazing. I couldn't believe I was finally seeing Eric Clapton. (back to the tally board: Icon, been through hell a couple of times, he has an accent and toured not that long ago with Jeff Beck).

Moving right along - I know, don't give me that, what? Why? Really? Hey, this is my list and I can put anyone on it that I want. And I happen to want to put James Hetfield on this list.Hmmm, let's see, heavy metal god, puts some politics into their songs (One, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The God that Failed), went through hell (third degree pyrotechnic burns, kicked drugs and alcohol), he's got tattoos and last time I checked 'Tallica has been on the road for the last two years AND they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! HA! HA! HA!
I was at this show in Manchester TN and Metallica kicked it big time. The proof was that the non-Metallica fans were enjoying themselves. The truth is - when at Bonnaroo, we're all MUSIC fans. It still sends chills through me to hear the music stop and James address the audience: Bonnaroo, Are you alive? Tell me, how does it feel to be alive

Lastly, Nikki Sixx, the man whose poster used to hang inside of my closet - because he scared my mother. Talk about a rough paper route in life, family issues, he died a few times, shot up some JD -- need I go on about this guy. He can write (wrote most of the Crue's songs) published the diaries of his heroin days, an amazingly terrifying read if you want a glimpse into the not so sexy world of 1980's heavy metal touring. He is a photographer looking at the world through his eyes and putting it out there for us to question our perceptions of reality.

There, that is my list. I think I have remained true to my rock and roll (okay, rock, rock, blues and heavy metal) crushes. Each of these guys I truly respect. Yes, I am getting serious. Each of these men have some pretty heavy weight on them. Legend, sober, humanitarian, believer, fighter, lover can be used to describe anyone of these men. Crushes just aren't about looks - believe it or not.

So there are folks who failed to make THE list, but made the list of those I had obsessive, binge crushes on: 
Michael Hutchence: I did trek to his memorial in Sydney and even left flowers.

Donnie Wahlberg: I pray every time we go to Dorcester that I accidentally run into him and not shriek like a child - although I almost ruined an entire scene with him in it while running over the Brooklyn Bridge one morning (yes, Donnie, that was me and you are so welcome).

George Michael was a crush for so long - who wouldn't want that angelic voice singing to them?  

Mike Patton of Faith No More: I contained all urges to jump onto the stage very well I think.

Dave Matthews: it's that hippy thing I think, and I like it when he does his South African accent. I have seen you over 30 times, is that obsessive?

Boy George (there Angie, I admit it) I told everyone in kindergarten I was going to marry Boy George.

Bobby Dall, the other bassist in my life. Rachel Bolan from Skid Row: Jan, what memories!!

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