Monday, June 21, 2010

I hope we never run out of music

Where do I begin? Music has filled my life since I can remember being tall enough to be able to shove an 8 track cassette into the player in the dining room. I must have mortified my grandmother when I asked if she wanted to see me sing along with a record on my new Fisher Price record player. It wasn't Sesame Street or Disney, it was Tina Turner and Cyndi Lauper. I was the only kid who brought Culture Club records to show and tell in first grade and definitely the only one in fifth grade who wanted to be a groupie on the sunset Strip (no, I had no idea what that meant back then but the Sunset Strip was where Nikki Sixx was and I was going to be there).

I dreamed of seeing U2 and INXS, couldn't wait to go to the Richland Mall to see what was new in National Record Mart, and I HAD TO HAVE Gun's N Roses Use Your Illusions I and II at the stroke of midnight. And you know what -- nothing has changed since then.

I have spent the last twenty years making up for the fact that I was too young to see Stevie Ray Vaughan. I never heard Jeff Buckley sing Lilac Wine in a small coffee shop and I regret that fact even though I know I had no choice over the matter. I have spent too much money to see Eric Clapton, traveled too far to see INXS, I don't care how many times Dave Matthews plays Jimi Thing I will go and see him, and I will wait until forever to see Robert Plant play one more time with Jimmy Page.

I have met so many new friends through music - where would I be without Dark Star Orchestra, who not only made me a fan of the Grateful Dead, but helped my best friend through some pretty rough times through not only their music, but their love and friendship. And ... without them I wouldn't have such a cool engagement story. Thank you DSO!!!

So what is this blog? I see it as two venues. The first, a way for me to go back in time and share stories about concerts and musical choices of past. Second, to share the journey that I am still on and will continue to travel down. Where else will you hear about me asking Warren Haynes for a corkscrew, hugging Bono,getting kicked in the head at a Pantera concert, or even driving 1,000 miles to spend four days with 80,000 people as crazy as me.

Welcome aboard the crazy train folks - enjoy the ride and share some of your own stories (especially if you were a part of them).


  1. Excellent! Very much looking forward to the reading. It's nice to listen to people who LOVE music as you do.

  2. my first concert was Chicago at Seattle Center Arena, that was a long long time ago. looking forward to keeping up with your venture. CHEERS Brad

  3. I would like to hit the 'like' button!